The project was meant for learning R language and also learning Statistics, as the trend of Data Analysis and Mining is currently blooming in the recent years.

Data is collected by FiveThirtyEight.

About this Project

This project is for solving one of hardest question of all new resteraunt opener "Where shall we open a Thai resteraunt in US?".

So, I use a data, collected from FiveThirtyEight to give insights for new entrepreneur to open a Thai resteraunt at a good location and knows which customer age and gender is your Thai resteraunt will be.


I use R Studio to create a R Markdown file, as it can create and exports the whole project code.

The dataset is given from FiveThirtyEight. As they give the dataset here : https://data.fivethirtyeight.comopen in new window

But this project download a dataset from FiveThirtyEight package in R : https://github.com/rudeboybert/fivethirtyeightopen in new window.